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  1. Hello, I happened upon your blog while researching what to do if you drop a package in USPS drop off box at night with wrong label what can be done. Anyways I wont go into the – how I am staying up all night to greet the employees in morning and explain I am the crazy lady who put like a dozen notes into the drop box that “I can see my wrong labeled package to the left side through the crack HELP ME” and one taped to PO employee door, and a huge cardboard sign put into drop box also. – yeah the story is actually longer….. but I am off subject.
    That is how I found your blog. I read through your post about Stale shipping dates. I am horrible about not shipping the day I print, usually just a day off so far I drop in drop box at night and never a problem. Now after reading your article I have to wonder if I will run into my first problem tomorrow with my packages being dates the 9th and it is the 11th especially since I have REALLY brought attention to the packages and mine from what I can see through the cracks around drop box are only ones in there besides a couple others…..

    Anyways THANK YOU for sharing the info & I took a peek around and read a little here and there but was looking for a “follow” type button or something to remind me to come back and couldn’t find anything. Life is so busy so many times places I mean to go back to without a reminder it never happens. Might consider adding just a simple follow button OR a sign up to be notified of new posts…. something….

    Kim Sager & Family

  2. Hello, i have a small question about your Logitech Z2300 diagram. I see you said that you can omit capacitors C100 and C101, if i do that, does it mean i also mustn’t connect sound ground that goes from capacitor to ground?

  3. Hi , thanx for the z2300 diagram , alltho i’m not educated enough to solve my problem with it… I’m not an electrician / engineer: I just like to take broken stuff apart and try to fix it… I have a broken z2300 and from what I could see the jack cable was broken ( which I fixed ) and the 15-pin vga like plug seems to be damaged. I purchased a new plug but don’t know which wire goes on which pin , since the original plug is completely sealed in… could you help me figure out which color wire goes on which specific pin…?
    thanx a lot and have a lovely day!

  4. I just got a set of Logitech Z-2300’s, but I don’t have the control pod. How much would it cost for you to make me one? Thanks.

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