I’m not entirely sure what this blog is about. I’m a founder, EE, father and husband, and T1D.

Most thoughts are fleeting. They come and go, and once gone, they may never return. During college, I woke up from a nap one day convinced that I’d unlocked the Theory of Everything. In a deep haze, I felt beauty and love for the universe. The certainty of logical Truth combined with awe faded as I gathered cognizance. By the time my muscles could move and grab a pen and paper, my mind was totally blank. It was probably a mind trick. Dreams can be like that.

I try to live a balanced, worthwhile life, which is a continuous struggle to define. I suppose that’s partly because we’re transient beings, and partly because of my contradictory mental rejection of change. I expected to have a well defined set of goals by age 30. In hindsight, I’m no longer the person I was at 25, nor was I the same person at 25 as I was at 20. We constantly reinvent ourselves as we move through time, somehow deceiving ourselves that we remain the same. Or we make no progress at all, and in doing so, we become mentally and physically antiquated. So, perhaps being is the path we travel. Or we are all one. I don’t know.

The work of Seth Godin, Stephen Covey, and James Altucher inspire me to be gracious, and to work on projects that matter.

Thoughts sometimes persist. I write them down to free my mind. And if there’s no better outlet, my obsessions land here.


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  1. Hello, i have a small question about your Logitech Z2300 diagram. I see you said that you can omit capacitors C100 and C101, if i do that, does it mean i also mustn’t connect sound ground that goes from capacitor to ground?

  2. I just got a set of Logitech Z-2300’s, but I don’t have the control pod. How much would it cost for you to make me one? Thanks.

  3. Dear Jseaber,
    I have a logitech z2300 with a faulty headphone jack, I can’t find any kind of reference of what is the connector part reference and where to find it ?
    Could you by any chance help ?

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